PureWax Interior Cleaning Wipes (50 sheets)

₱450 ₱650

PureWax Interior Cleaning Wipes

PureWax Interior Cleaning Wipes are highly effective lint free disposable wipes that clean and maintain car interiors while adding a fresh Green Apple scent.

  • PureWax is a trusted and proven car care brand.
  • Effectively clean dirt, dust, debris, and grime.
  • Safely works on multiple automobile surfaces such as dashers, door panels, leather, vinyl, plastics, carpets, fabrics and more.
  • A convenient and powerful disposable cleaning wipe to always have on hand in your car, garage, or RV.
  • Locking lid helps to keep wipes clean, moist and ready for use.


  1. Wipe surface with PureWax Interior Cleaning Wipes.
  2. Let dry.
  3. Repeat as required.

For best results, do not use in direct sunlight.
Dispose of wipe properly, do not flush.

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